Yueyang Changling Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd.

  Yueyang Changling Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. by the China Petrochemical Changling Petrochemical Company Equipment Institute restructuring. The company is located in the Dongting Lake, the Yangtze River in the town of Yueyang City in Hunan Province, north of the Yangtze River, south of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, and a 07 State Road and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway adjacent to land and sea transport facilities, covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters。

  After three decades of development, the company's existing state of rotation equipment monitoring and fault diagnosis, energy-saving evaluation and energy-saving equipment development, corrosion evaluation and protection, industrial water treatment, equipment cleaning, with pressure plugging (including plugging and opening) , Adiabatic lining, oil refining chemicals and other eight technical professional. Is currently the China Vibration Engineering Society Equipment Fault Diagnosis Branch of the unit; Hunan Province Equipment Fault Diagnosis and Failure Analysis Association vice president of the unit; China Cleaning Association governing units; Hunan Chemical Engineering Corrosion Engineering Quality Monitoring Center; Sinopec heating furnace energy evaluation center members Units; high-tech enterprises in Hunan Province。

  Strong technical force, a total of 102 professional and technical personnel, including a professor of Engineering 1, Engineering 20 people. Sinopec Group Company outstanding contributions to the technical and management experts 2, Sinopec Group 2 academic leaders, Yueyang City, five scientific and technological experts. Published two monographs, published more than 200 papers, more than 40 results obtained national and provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, access to national patents 8。

  In recent years, the company aimed at market demand, increase the intensity of scientific research results, has developed a welding plate heat exchanger cleaning, ceramic filter cleaning, boiler cleaning, FeS cleaning, super cleaning, plate shell heat exchanger cleaning, filter cleaning , Long-term heat pipe and modular air preheater, waste heat recovery system transformation, CAS aluminum magnesium insulation technology, nano-insulation materials and thermal insulation coating, vacuum system leak detection and plugging technology and other advanced energy-saving technologies, nano-air sewage treatment Technology, scum dewatering technology, sludge drying technology, VOC leak detection technology and other advanced environmental technology, gamma ray scanning and diagnosis, carbon fiber reinforcement, with pressure openings and plugging, new high-efficiency decalcifying agent with international and domestic Advanced level of new technologies and products, walk in the forefront of the industry。

  The company's technology and products in Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Shenhua Group, more than 30 large-scale petrochemical enterprises and Xianggang Iron and Steel and other metallurgical enterprises have been applied, the effect is good, the user's praise. Improve the quality and safety system, the company passed the QEO certification。